The Haneps Vs. Popgun

Peso De Guzman asked us via our Facebook page:

Hi…just bought the album and listening to it now. ^^

Just a question, how are you guys related to “Popgun”? When I was in HS, I borrowed a CD from a classmate (ABC5’s Singles), containing “Cagayan” (same song you guys have) in it performed by Popgun. Is that your old band name? And/Or what happened to it?

Thanks! =)

Hi Peso. Wow… glad you remembered that stuff.  Yes, Popgun recorded Cagayan for one of ABC5‘s shows at that time, Singles.

The Haneps shot off from Popgun.

Rocky was an original member of Popgun.
Inigo was a guitarist of Popgun during its latter days.

When Popgun dissolved around 2003 or 2004, Rocky and Inigo decided to form a band, and called it The Haneps. Initially, for the lack of original songs to jam, they just jammed on old Popgun songs but made them a bit edgier. Then, Allen came in and we worked on some of Rocky’s “underdeveloped” songs and they became songs for The Haneps.


Popgun trivia: Popgun once had as members Lec Cruz (of Giniling Festival), Alvin Zafra (of The Brew), Benri Cadiz (of CSharpJava), Nico Pineda (of Chubibo), and  Monsi Simon (also of Chubibo).


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