Haneps, Pare

September 7, 2007 article/interview from

Not too long ago I found myself in an unfamiliar bar in Quezon City, watching a bunch of bands I had never heard of before. Normally, this would be a recipe for a quick spiral from teeth-grinding annoyance to suicidal depression, but I lucked out, and found myself liking the show, for the most part. There was one band in particular that I enjoyed. They played originals that sounded like soundtracks to courtships and car chase scenes, to acid trips and alien abductions. Gleeful guitar-pop with enough rough edges not to be wimpy, and enough sweetness not to be mere noise. They had a real sense of fun, and seemed unafraid to laugh at themselves (or, for that matter, at other people). Soon after, I learned their names: They are Rocky Teodoro on vocals and guitar, Allen Samson on bass and vocals, and Iñigo Mortel on drums. They are The Haneps.

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