Day View (2010)

Day View is a sonic picture book of images that hopes to paint dips, peaks, thrusts and restraint that is what has become of The Haneps through the years of playing, performing, feeling, dreaming.

The album was recorded by The Haneps in sporadic periods from 2007-2010, finally being released on August 1, 2010. It indeed took a long time, but it is result of the band’s passion, dedication, and juggling of day jobs and day job pays.  It is independently produced, without compromise to the band’s artistic vision of the each of the songs, and to the best limits of their abilities and resources.

The album features performances by Rocky Teodoro, Allen Samson and Inigo Mortel, and includes contributions from Mahal Amanda Adams and Dodjie Garcia, each doing backing vocals for Pag-Asa.

We hope you will love the album as much as we do.


Preview songs from the album Day View.

You can also check out our MySpace page.

Want to buy a CD or download Day View? Click here to find out how.

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